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TD-Jet Generation TD-Jet Generation

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Haha, great vid, way to go, you said a lot of things without saying a single word, the faces and the sounds, very expressive.

And now time for my little story lol, i like to talk too much :T
So, ive never learned how to play guitar, never cared for it but i did buy a Cello and its a totally different experience, when i bought it i was so exited to play it but i got it like a week early, my classes didnt start until like 5 days or something but i really REALLY wanted to get started so i took it out of it's case and i looked at it, looked at the pin at the bottom, looked at the bow, looked at this little stone-like thing that came in the bag, looked at the strings and basically just checked everything out very carefully, of course, i had no idea what i was doing, all i knew at that point was that you put the bow against the strings and move it and sound is made magically, so not true, i put the bow on the strings and with a smile on my face moved it and to my dissapointment it didnt make a sound, i was shocked, the smile in my face disappeared and i put it back in its case and let out a sigh, when the time for my 1st class came i was once again so exited but my teacher told me that i wouldnt use the bow imediately, that i first had to learn the names of the strings and stuff and so, i had to wait, when the time finally came i 1st had to simply ask why it had not worked the 1st time i tried, she told me it was because i had to rub the bow with the stone thingy (that is called Rosin), so she showed me how to do it, handed me the bow and told me how to hold it and stuff, and for the 1st time ever i played cello with the bow. :D
Haha, now i know some songs like Song of Storms and such but to be honest ive been neglecting my cello recently, ive been more into writing music instead of playing it, but i still want to play it and get better with it.

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TD-Skunk At Drool TD-Skunk At Drool

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well it took me a few days to actually figure out the title thing, i'd blame that on the fact that english isn't my native language but well i can be somewhat clueless sometimes haha.

As for the video, good humor as always, awesome Not animation that kind of isn't not and cool narration.

Anyone care for a glass of Summer Sucks? xD

TD-This Too Shall Pass TD-This Too Shall Pass

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is quite powerful, i would like to thank you for sharing this with us, for sharing all these experiences you've had, if i may, i would like to say i find this inspiring, i mean, you could've easily painted yourself as a hero or something but you didn't, you gave us pure reality, no sugar coated shit where everything ends up in happily ever after or a lesson is learned at the end of the day, we all need a dose of reality once in a while.

I'd like to share an experience of mine if you'd like to listen.

Some years ago, my sister was in a really dark spot, she was in some deep shit you know? Like drugs and stuff, and the one person who always understood her and made her smile was my grandmother, thanks to her my sister stopped using drugs, she was haha well quite a woman my grandma, she had a lot of character and she was VERY stubborn, she even traveled all around mexico all alone, staying with uncles and aunts of mine here and there for like a year or so even at her age, she stayed with my family lot of times so we all knew her and loved her, though she would sometimes get on our nerves, like i said, she was REALLY stubborn, anyway so a few years ago she suddenly became very ill one day, i was working in some phone company at the time, so i woke up, they told me the news, my mom and my sister were very worried, they were just at the phone waiting for my uncle to call and well, give us any news.. in any case i had to go to work and since she was hospitalized and stuff my family told me to go, i was very confused to be honest, i didn't know what to think or feel if something happened, and i say that because we knew it was pretty bad but still too soon to say anything y'know?
So, i decided that if something were to happen, id suck it up and remain strong for my sister and my mom, all of this while my dad drove me to work, we didn't speak a word, i arrived at work, went through the main door and through this corridor with these rotating thingies that mark when somone comes in and stuff, i took my card to unlock one and i just started crying, but i honestly didn't really know why i was crying, i was so confused, i was glad it was a sunday and really early cause the place was almost empty so no one saw me cry, i cleaned my face, passed my card and went on inside, as i went inside an approached my work desk i realized i should be at home, if anything happened i knew my sister would need me, i was the one closest to her in my house, so i walked up to my boss instead of my desk and i told him that i needed to go home and he just told me that he didn't even had me on schedule for that day which is weird because i always checked my schedule before i left, every day, so anyway i just went with it and called my dad to turn back around, when we arrived, well, she passed away, my mom and my sis, heartbroken, my sis went up to her room and locked herself in, i just remained sort of blank, i hugged my mom, my dad and my brothers stayed with her and i went to my sister's room as i didn't want her to hurt herself, like i said, she'd been in a dark place before, so i just was there for her, she cried and talked and i sat by her side, and just hugged her, after that my sister and my mom went with my uncles and aunts for a couple of days for the funeral and i just sat at home confused and well, just confused, and i thought that with time my emotions would just sort themselves out and id come to terms or something, but the thing is, it didn't, up to this day i still don't know how to feel about her, should i be sad because she is gone, should i be angry i didn't get to say goodbye, should i feel bad because i didn't feel sad? i mean, yes i cried, but that was before i even knew she had passed and like i said, i didn't even knew why i cried, i still don't, and whenever i think of this i cant help but think if I'm a bad person for not feeling sad, or if there is something wrong with me, i just don't know, when someone dies people say stuff like "it'll get better" or "cry it out" but no one tells you what to do if you don't even know how to feel about it, i guess its just something that will just stay like that or something..

Anyway thank you for your time if you read it all, sorry its quite long.

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Raziberry responds:

I know how you feel. When my grandmother died, I got the news as I was walking out the door to go to work. I didn't have time to feel bad, didn't cry, and had to just kind of suck it up. Because of school, I couldn't attend the funeral. I felt pretty awful about that.
There is no right or wrong way to feel about these things. I'm sorry for your loss, and I hope you aren't down on yourself for feeling the way you feel.

NoPUNintendo NoPUNintendo

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I loved it, Animation amazing as always, you have a really cool style, and the jokes were so forced they were funny :P
Also, the sound was really good and smooth :)
Not too long to make it bore,
not too short to beg for more,
I dont really mean that, i just like the ryhme :P
ill be looking forward for more of youre videos :)

PS: the song at the credits, could you please tell me where is it from? :P

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TerminalMontage responds:

Heh thank you, the song at the end is from the beginning/training level of Yoshi's Island.

Time to "Waist" Time to "Waist"

Rated 5 / 5 stars

True story?

ZOMG your pants talked to you? =O

Anyway, overall graphics, good :)
Good sound and fluent animation, good job :)
Also, its funny and its not too long to screw the joke, awesome job, Milady, i give you 10/10 and 5/5 :)

Winter in New York Winter in New York

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nice and funny :)

Lol you should be thankful though, at least is not 40-60 C degrees (sorry i do not know F, i live in Mexico and we use C and i dont feel like taking the truble to convert xD)
Now THAT, that sir, is a preparation for hell, cause im sure hell isnt that hot. ._.

Lol anyways, true Review:
Nice animation.
Really good sound quality.
Funny and not too long to make it boring. ;)

Overall, you get a 10/10 and a 5/5 :)

Zomg i just noticed its you RicePirate! :D
Thats why its got such a good sound xD

(Sorry for my bad english.)

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Derpy Cardcaptor Derpy Cardcaptor

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sir yes sir!

You want a review i give you a review! :D

Ok so, i saw all your videos in order to see your improovement, and i must say that in each video you show quite a remarkable improovement, Your Art style has gotten much better, your animation did too and the sound in youre videos has always been preatty good.

In this video you didnt fail to show remarkable advance, but even so theres still some things you need to work on, for example, your animation is really good right now, altho theres still a little bit of workto do on it, im sure youll improove quickly, and your drawing style has really improoved a ton, although this one needs more work than your animation, the lines need to be refined, more circular or straight and less bulky in some parts, of course, if you aim to make it look a little messy its cool too, after all each artist has his own style right? xD

And as for other matters such as sync and video parody, you did an amazing job, i swear that if i put the intro from sakura card captor and this video in sync with the music, the animations would be in perfect sync too.

Alas, the scene where they bag drops instead of the key, i must say that was preatty good my friend.

Now to the errors ):
Right after the scene of the bag falling, when she (or he, i actually dont know if those things actually have males or something xD) jumps and the bag and the hat appear on her (yes i insist with girl due to that its posed as sakura) The wing overlaps on the bag, right by the base of the wing.

I also just noticed that right after the Title appears, an overlaping happens with the hair and the ear, this also hapends in the final scene when she is flying towards the bridge.

Dude, youre GODLY!
You see, in order to review you better ive played the video over and over, and i actually decided trying my silly idea of syncing the opening from the anime with your video byea the song and so i did, took me a few tries but when i managed to do it, amazing, EVERYTHING is exactly at the same time as the original video! :D

So, here are my finl scores,

Animation 9.9/10
Drawing style 9/10 (the erros of overlaping in there)
Shadow/lightning 9.5 you did a really nice glow effect (wich can be noticed easily at the replay screen)
Music/video sync 5000/10 XD

So you get 10/10 and 5/5 ;D
Ill be looking forward to watching your next video :D

BTW you really blew me away with the AMAZING sync with the music, really really nice job, you got a huge talent there xD

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Saving Private Pikmin Saving Private Pikmin

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Haha really nice vid! xD
Good graphics good sounds, i read that theres a minecraft reference but i didnt quite saw it xD

Anyways, 5/5 10/10 xD
Im looking forward to seeing more of your vids X3

Also i DO agree olimar is evil, he sends pikmin to die while he stands there seeing them die xD

Breaking Rust Breaking Rust

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Really good message, good animation, good music, epicness, Sir you are a true artist, and im going to make sure more people see this video and get inspired by your amazing work and your amazing good will, thank you for making this video. :)

Beast- Kensei Beast- Kensei

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is really good, good animation, ood sound, perfectly timed sound with animation.
My only problem is that it is too short thus it lacks epicness ):
Ill be looking forward for more of your amazing work! :D

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